Suspended project issue on free plan while it should not (?)


I participate to a free plan project which has been suspended while we have less than 2500 words to translate right now. I think the issue is similar to this one : Suspended project issue on free plan

Indeed, I tried to connect (by mistake) another GitLab repo to the project without removing the old one.

Could we get a fix please ?

Have a nice day!

Hello there. The point is, personally you have a “Free” plan, and the owner of the project you’re a member of, has a “Free trial”. This type of subscription provides you with almost unlimited capabilities but only for 2 weeks.

I’ve re-activated the account from my side and provided an extra week for tests. Please contact the project owner on the matter, once the time ends, an owner should choose the best plan:

Please note that managers are not allowed in the Free plan, but they’re allowed in Open Source, so in case your product matches the requirements, please feel free to apply:

Thanks for your answer!

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