A translator cannot access to project due to Project Suspention, and why?

Hello, please help us continue translating!
I am a manager of our project, and new to Crowdin.
One of our translators reported that he cannot access to the project due to a message saying “The project you are trying to translate is currently suspended”. We need to finish the translation asap, so please help us how to let the translator accessible to the project. I think this is similar to "Suspended project issue on free plan while it should not(?) "

Please give us solutions. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

In addition to my original inquiry, the owner of the account changed our status from Free Trial to Free Plan, but the translator still cannot access to the project. And, I, a manager manage to access to it.

Could you please give us a solution to this issue?
Thank you for your support in advance.

Hello @Oyraa_Yumi

You’re a manager in the project, and your account is under the Free Plan, but the owner’s account is under Free Trial, which expired (about a week ago).

I’ve activated the Trial again from my side (until April 7). Feel free to continue your work.

Please note that once the trial expires, the owner won’t be able to use the Free plan, because of the following:

  1. Manager
  2. Private project = no translators, only you + vendor if needed

More info here:

Hi, Dima
Thank you so very much for the reply.

Well, the owner actually changed our plan to Free Trial to Free Plan yesterday.
I do not see why I AM on Free Plan and The OWNER is still on Free Trial.

Could you kindly advise me how can we continue using the platform, without being suspended and the OWNER shift from Free Trail to Free Plan??

From my database, the owner of that project was under a Free Trial plan.

The owner wouldn’t be able to switch to the Free plan, because of limits.

You can advise this user to click on the “get started” button near the Free plan. But please ask the owner to take a detailed look at the pricing comparison table that I’ve shared in a reply before.

In a free plan, if the project is Private, you can’t invite translators to private projects. You also don’t have managers. So, it’s needed to change project visibility or delete translators. Manager(s) should be deleted as well.

Once all things are matched, the “get started” button will become available. The owner can double-check the limits in a short note at the top right corner of this page:

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Dear Dima,
I’m sorry to reply you late.
Thank you for the description. Now I understand what we did not understand / know to use the platform properly.

Could you please advise me: To add at least one or two managers and several translators, which plan do we have to sign up for? I have checked out Plans For Everyone, Pro seems we cannot add a manager. Do we have to have at least TEAM ?

Hello @Oyraa_Yumi

You’re right, managers are available in the Team, Team+, and Business. Translators and proofreaders are unlimited even in Free.

Hi Dima,

We need your help!
I purchased Team Plan, but still I cannot access to the project.
The owner of the account is Oya Koc.

We need to start localization ASAP, and so that we purchased TEAM, but still cannot start working.

The owner previously purchased Pro Plan.
But still we could not access to the project, I think because we had managers.
Actually, we don’t have to have managers, if we can still join as translators.

It is not very easy for us to understand your plans and credentials.
Could you please help us on this?

Hello @Oyraa_Yumi

In my database, there are no other purchases except Team (from 24 May) related to your main account (who owns the project).

Current account usage is 1 of 5 managers, and from my side, the project is accessible. Try cleaning the browser cache, or use another browser.

In order to invite managers, firstly you need to add them from the main page (go to managers and then add manager)

Members (translators, proofreaders) can be invited in multiple ways, here is the guide about it: