Suspended project issue on free plan

Hi all:) I’m a manager in our organization and I’ve faced such a thing. I’ve created a project, started localizing there and after around 2 weeks I see the warning on my Crowdin page that the project is suspended. I can’t figure out why that happened as out team is on a free plan and looks like we’re far away from running out of any limits. Maybe someone experienced something similar? Thanks in advance y’all!


Hello! Actually I had same case once. Our company bought the subscription from another account, invited me to manage it and we needed to create a new project to have a well-structured localization, so I created it from my account. I thought it would be considered as the project of a paid account. But the thing is that the project owner should give a manager the permission to create projects on behalf of his/her account (Resources tab > Managers > Three-dots > Edit permissions)

After that I had to delete my project, create it again and contact Crowdin support team to make some tricks for the message to disappear

That’s all