Category Topics

How to use Crowdin? Tips&Tricks

Need assistance on how to start your localization project and set it up a smooth way? Ask here

General Questions

Any questions about Crowdin UI, features, options that are not covered elsewhere

Crowdin Issues

We are sure any issue can be easily solved and anyone has already found a way to make it work like a charm. Search here and exchange your experience with others

File Formats (Import/Export)

Crowdin supports a wide range of localization formats, including but not limited to files for mobile, software, documents, subtitles, and graphic assets

Crowdin API

Crowdin API allows you to create projects for translations, add and update files, download translations, and much more. In this way, you can script the complex actions that your situation requires

Crowdin CLI

Crowdin CLI is a command line tool that allows you to manage and synchronize localization resources with your Crowdin project

Crowdin Store (Integrations/Connectors)

Automate your workflows with Crowdin Integrations