Why is my translation not showing on my website ? does it take time to appear?

I am translating the EN to RU but the sting I translated do not appear on the website, does it take time?

Hi @nataliemaliali ! Do you have any integration or app connected to the project?

Hi Ira, no I have the website I made in webflow

I just realized I have google maps is that a problem?

Hi @nataliemaliali ,

So you use the Webflow integration to import your site’s content into the Crowdin project and then when the content is translated export the translations back through the integration to your site, right?

Hi Roman ! Yes that’s correct, I followed all the steps but I don’t see the translation on my website

I see the language switcher but no effect on the translation

Hi @nataliemaliali,

As far as I understand you are on the Free plan for which the over-the-air-content-delivery option (used in Webflow integration to deliver translations) is not available, because air delivery is a paid option for us. So this option is only available for paid subscriptions

Hi Roman I thought that you have a free tier with one free integration doesn’t webflow apply ?

Hi Roman I thought that you have a free tier with one free integration doesn’t webflow apply ?

Dear @nataliemaliali ,

On the Free plan, you can really use one integration such as GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket where the over-the-air-content-delivery option is not used

The over-the-air-content-delivery option is used in Webflow or JS Proxy integrations and it is paid for us. Therefore, we cannot afford to make this option available on the Free plan

Hope for your understanding

I have same issue: everything setup but transaltions not visible. I cannot upgrade to PRO plan, the button is grey (because I’m on the free 14 days trial). How am I supposed to be trial the over the air feature then?

Hello @tomaswesterholm

From my side, I see that you’re on the Free Trial right now. I’ve added a couple of days so you have more time to test everything over and beyond.

The free trial is unlimited, and OTA is included in it for sure. Please not that it may take some time in order to deliver the translations (from 5 mins to few days even).

Thank you, it was the content propagation delay… Though, now for some reason two languages (German and Spanish) are not translated while others are. They were edited earlier, before adding others.


Seems German translations are in place, at least I see the website in German :slight_smile:

About Spanish, did you used any mappings in the past? Tried with both “es” and “es-es” codes but can’t see Spanish. Can you double-check your configuration? If all languages “reached” the website, that it’s not the distribution or system issue.

Yes I understand! But the plans and a tutorial I found are misleading because it doesn’t indicate this. The problem is this a small site for a startup businesses (Property developers) that has one or 2 projects going on right now. Per year the might have 2 additional projects, this means that they will be paying for the Pro plan for minor additions per year, it’s just too costly for a small business. If it was up to me I would invest, but I don’t think my client will. It is unfortunate because when the company eventually grows it will be essential since they work with Greek, Russian and English customers.

It clearly says in the description you can use the free tier for webflow

I would suggest a plan between the free and Pro plan For small websites. I would definitely use that. Thanks for taking time for this!

Hi nataliemaliali

Thank you for your improvement suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:
I will definitely pass it on to our team for consideration

As a workaround, you can suspend the subscription when there is no need to use it and renew when you have new projects.

Same problem for me. Seems like Crowdin is not an option any more. Our website will hardly ever need new translations