Why is my translation not showing on my website ? does it take time to appear?

HI @hearthxcilentour ,

We are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced. It’s genuinely not our intention to mislead or create any confusion among our users. We strive to be transparent about our offerings and functionalities, and I understand how this situation might have left you feeling disappointed.

Our team is always trying to make the usage of Crowdin simple and effective for user with either paid or free subscriptions. Recently, we have improved the Webflow app, so now it should not require CDN usage, thus it seems it will work for Free plans, but let me please double-check this with our developers to be 100% sure. Kindly check the link to the new app below:

I appreciate you sharing your feedback and highlighting these concerns. It’s essential for us to know where we fall short so that we can improve and ensure our users have a clear understanding of what they can expect from our services. I will also pass your feedback to our team so that we could make the info regarding Pricing more clear.

Hope for your kind understanding!

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay! I was out of the office for some time.

I have checked everything with our developers, and they confirmed that the new Webflow app does not require CDN usage, thus it should work for Free plans. You are welcome to test it by following the link below:

Hope this helps!