Welsh count plurals issue

I request fixing a bug that forces Welsh localisations to include a redundant ‘=1’ plurals rule.

Where the source English is, for example,

 {count, plural,
        =1    {# account}
        other {# accounts}

Copying the source creates

 {count, plural,
        zero {}
        one {# accounts}
        two {# accounts}
        few {# accounts}
        many {# accounts}=1    {# account}
        other {# accounts}

Here, ‘one’ and ‘=1’ are duplicates of the same rule. Not only is the ‘=1’ rule redundant here, but also for some reason Crowdin does not allow us to save the plural strings without including the ‘=1’ rule.

In the example above, it would suffice to save in the Welsh localization,

 {count, plural,
        zero {dim cyfrifon}
        two {# gyfrif}
        few {# chyfrif}
        many {# chyfrif}
        other {# cyfrif}

but there seems to be a bug that does not allow us to save this unless we also include a ‘=1’ rule, which isn’t needed.

Doesnt this related to this request?

I’d suggest you writting someone from Crowdin team or raise this as a feature request Feature requests and ideas | Crowdin

Don’t think someone from community have an access to Crowdin database and can modify duplicates rules. I also think that Welsh is quite popular and this thing was definetelly reported in past, but as it is kept until today, then there is a reason for this. Probably not to break any import of export or so.

I’ve had a response from Crowdin support, but there is some misunderstanding.

For clarity, here is another example.

Welsh has six plural forms, but Crowdin currently gives seven forms, adding ‘=1’, which seems a duplicate of ‘one’.

However, if I remove the ‘=1’, the system does not save the translation, even though it has the correct six plural forms of Welsh.

Hello @Cymrodor, hope you’re doing just great.

I’ve just replied to you via email, and, in short, all stings have =1 form in the source.

You’re welcome to share the screen record of this issue with me, so I can double-check.

Please do it in our email conversation or here within a direct message (click on my profile picture, and there’ll be a button “message”).