Missing "Many" plurals for french language

According to the last CLDR version, the french language plurals are not correct.
It’s missing the “many” plural.

CLDR last version (v42.0): Language Plural Rules

Can this be fixed?
Thank you

Hi @JeremDev thanks for your investigation, passed to the team :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, have an update on the matter.

We will update all languages where we missing new standards, like the “many” plural form. The appropriate epic task has been already created.

Still, it wouldn’t be released soon, because it requires additional investigation.

For example, some users already have French as 100% translated, and adding a new form means they will lose this progress. As a result, if their integration is based on the export option “export only fully translated file” it wouldn’t work until this new form becomes translated. For those who are fine with current forms, this change may quite uncomfortable.

Right now we’re discussing a solution that would work great for all our clients. You can sure that the languages will be definitely updated according to new standards.

Wish you a great day ahead :slightly_smiling_face: