Setting up crowdin with multiple .json files

Hi everyone :wave:

I am in the process of setting up my repository for crowdin but happen to find some issues (probably due to my lack of knowledge)

My goal
I want to be able to use crowdin to translate .json files (see linked/src/locales at master 路 lostdesign/linked 路 GitHub) to make the process easier for translators.

I鈥檝e added the GitHub integration and used the following branch configuration:
Source files path /src/locales/en-US.json
Translated files path /src/locales/%locale%.json

This seemed fine for me, however the PR by crowdin would overwrite all translated files with the source file? What did I do wrong? See New Crowdin updates by lostdesign 路 Pull Request #170 路 lostdesign/linked 路 GitHub

When I look at the translations within crowdin, everything seems to be fine.

Link to crowdin


Hello @lostdesign probably this is the case similar to yours?

Try checking export options, probably you鈥檙e using something, like 鈥渟kip untranslated stings鈥 or so. Also, I鈥檇 change the translation path to something, like /src/locales/%locale%/%locale%.json, because from your鈥檚 system doesnt know where the language folders should be (my assumptions)