Limit reached for open source project

Dear Crowdin Team,

you were kind enough to provide us with a free account for our open source project (Human Phenotype Ontology). Unfortunately the webinterface says that we are using too much source strings at the moment. Can you please help us? We would hate to have to switch to more error-prone solutions like excel or similar.

Thanks a lot

Hello Sebastian,

I guess Excel wouldn’t offer similar localization capabilities as our platform. And there’s no need to switch at all :wink:

I’ve already fixed everything, you’re welcome to check and confirm it. Yesterday was a similar case, I’ve described the reason for “limit reached” message (just in case you’d like to know why you’ve seen that):

Hi Dima,

yes Excel is really not our preferred option, but the warning sounded very serious 🙈

Thanks for the heads up and for supporting our project furthermore!



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Glad to hear that all if fine now :slight_smile: