Latest translations keep getting reset


My team has been using crowdin for quite a while, and that is the first time this pops up.
I translate a pack of strings and then discover they got reset.

  1. I opened crowdin yesterday to do some new translations and noticed some of the latest strings have been reset and were showing as not translated. Also, there was no suggestions based on what was submitted earlier. The code would contain all the submitted translations but not the crowdin account.

  2. This morning I came back to the lost translations and found out the suggestions were there this time, so I managed to restore what was lost quite quickly.

  3. Later today I noticed the restored strings were reset again. The suggestions are there but not the translations.

Have you been performing any works lately? If not, what am I doing wrong? Please advise.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello @sinitsa

We didn’t change any logic of the platform or perform any work that could affect the translation process or somehow reset strings.

The first thing you can check is the way how you upload the source file. From your description, it looks like each time you update the file, the string ID is changed, which is why you’re losing translation.

Can be confirmed while checking particular string history (3 bullets → view translation history). If the ID was changed during file update, the records will be empty, as the system considers the string as newly added.

If it’s a public project, you’re welcome to share the project name or ID and URL to the affected strings so I can check from my end. If the project is private, you can send me a direct message instead.

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Hello, Dima,

Thanks a lot for the quick response. I guess we have figured out the problem, hopefully this won’t reproduce any more.

All the best!

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Could you please share your solution here? I’m having the same issue

Hi @nmazitelli !

Please let us know how exactly you are updating the source files.


Hello Tania thank you for your response, I created a new topic giving more details about my integration here: Latest translations keep getting reverted
I think the problem I’m having is that the first time i extract my keys they get defaulted to “Translate” and then the first time I translate them trough Crowdin they get overwritten with whatever the english translation was. After translating them again they dont get overrided anymore.

Dear @nmazitelli !

Thanks, we will consider your newly formed request!