How to ignore part of a Markdown file when importing translations?

I am using Crowdin to translate Markdown files. Some of these files contain a large amount of files with numbers, which don’t need to be translated.

Is there a way that I can ignore a part of a source file (the one that contains numbers), but still translate the rest of the file? I want to prevent the numbers from being uploaded to crowdin, because it’s very tedious to translate the numbers to achieve a 100% project translation rate.

Hello Anton, probably this one may help

In case your .md pretty similar to xml of so, you can upload it with “dest” pattern so Crowdin see the file type as xml and as far as it’s xml, some parts may be excluded.

If browsing the store wouldn’t help you, only solution would be to hide those strings so they wouldn’t be calculated. You can mark the string with specific label and then filter → hide all that match filter.

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@ritmo-aragon see my reply in another topic