Deleting All Unapproved Suggestions

Having already approved all translation strings and aiming to avoid cluttering the translation memory with unapproved suggestions, I would like to delete all unapproved suggestions in bulk. Is there a method to accomplish this?

Hi RikoPrushka,

To achieve this you should do as follows

  1. Open the Editor on the needed target language,
  2. Open the Side-by-Side view,
  3. Find the ‘Filter’ → filer by ‘Not approved’ strings. Please see my screenshot attached:
  4. Filter out all ‘Not approved’ strings → select them all -by pressing the checkbox > press ‘Remove translations’’


Thank you for the quick response. However, my objective is to remove unapproved suggestions on strings that have already been approved, not the unapproved strings.


I can’t find a way to delete the suggestions that are no longer needed in bulk.

Hi RikoPrushka,

Got you now! Unfortunately, it is not possible to bulk-delete strings translation suggestions,

But you can use one of these apps to clean your TM from duplicates and leave only the top translation suggestions:

Hope this will work for you!