Auto-approve for proofreaders

I would like a setting the automatically approves translations added by proofreaders to the languages they can proofread, but continues to leave translations added by everyone else as not approved. In our projects we assign proofreaders for individual languages, and if they fail to approve their own translations, we just approve them ourselves. However, we would prefer not to do that, and it is very hard to persuade new proofreaders to do this work themselves, so it would be much easier for everyone if any translation added by a proofreader to a language they proofread was automatically approved.

If this setting already exists, my apologies, but I’d appreciate a link to the relevant docs.

Hello, @kueda try enabling option in the Editor (every user should enable it personally):

Thanks, that helps, but for us the less proofreader onboarding the better, so it would still help if there was a setting to make this the default behavior.

Hello again, for now, we don’t plan to add this option at the project level, but you’re welcome to check our Enterprise platform, due to its advanced workflow, it contains this out of the box: