Account suspension warning after reaching the free tier limit

I’ve just received an email saying:

“Please upgrade your plan to keep making more сontent multilingual. Otherwise, your account will be suspended within 10 days.”

I’m baffled by this. Suspending our entire account after going over the limit and not purchasing a plan seems absurd to me. I’m wondering why aren’t you simply preventing us from adding more strings so that we can stay below the quota if we don’t upgrade?

This “limit” architecture is pretty much the industry standard and for good reason. Not sure how one would expect to lose access to their entire account simply because they added 1 more string than what was allowed on the free tier.

Does 1 more string justify cutting access to our account? To me a simple limit looks like a no-brainer if you don’t want people to go above a threshold.

Can we even go back? As in if we remove some strings, can we continue to use the free plan?

Don’t get me wrong, if the limit was significantly lower than what it is currently for the free tier, I wouldn’t be surprised by it. I’d say it might be a necessary business decision. However, this setup with cutting access to your account reminds me of old and shady services that are about to die and trying to make some extra before they die.

Hello @stablecog

As I see from my side, you still have about 3,000 words left, perhaps it’s browser cache, please clean it or use another browser.

The limit is set because of flexibility. For example, sometimes it’s needed to temporarily overreach it, like in case of a branch merge, etc. Or in case you have an urgent need to translate more than usual, you can use the “window” of 10 days in order to complete this job.

You don’t lose an account. You can still access files, reports, etc. I’ve provided more info on the matter here:

Plus, it’s hard to block file upload only partially, so half of the file is uploaded into the system, and on the limit peak, the other part of the file is not uploaded, the system doesn’t work in this way.

The pricing system is also fair and clear, 60,000 hosted words are shown just in the Free plan description, and there are no hidden icebergs down the ocean.

You can request an open-source license, in case your project fits the requirements, I see no reason not to provide it.

We have more limit because I just deleted some strings. As long as we are able to delete words without buying a plan, it’s all good. That’s basically what I was asking. However, the email’s wording doesn’t make this clear just for your info as a user. It makes it sound like we won’t be able to do any operations after 10 days (including deleting words). That’s what I got from “suspension” anyways.

If you aren’t preventing me from accessing my account, editing files (not adding strings), and letting me delete words, I find “suspension” to be too strong of a word for that. It can simply say we won’t be able to upload more words (which is completely fair and understandable as I’ve mentioned).

We’ll consider about “suspension” term :slight_smile:

The email is sent in a moment of trigger (a few minutes after you go beyond the limit). If you manage to delete not needed content in 10 days - no need to worry.