I want to make sure my account won't be deleted in ten days

Hi, so we picked your platform to translate a social project from English to another language. We’ve prepared the files in accordance with your guidelines and uploaded them here:

At the first attempt, I had two target languages, so the system counted words and said that I was about to exceed the limit. In one message, it said I’ve used all free words. In the email, it said that I’m about to get my account suspended in ten days if I don’t move to a paid plan.
So, I removed the project entirely, created a new one with just one target language, and re-uploaded the file. Currently, it’s less than 45,000 words, which is within Free quota.
The question is, will my account get suspended anyway, or while I’m within the quota that I see in Profile > Settings, I’m safe, and I can go forward with translations?

I’m not in a position to pay for the service at this stage, as the project I’m translating is a free contribution to society. So if the system forces me now to go paid anyway because I once exceeded the limit, I’ll have to leave to open-source, free tools.

Thank you.

Hello @alexanyanwolf

Hope you’re doing just great.

To start with, I’m glad to hear that you’ve chosen our platform for localization!

The free plan has a 60,000 hosted words limit, and if exceeded, the project will be frozen, with no access to the Editor or to adding new files. Old translations and files will be still available, you can still generate reports, etc.

From my side, I don’t see any limits exceeded now (perhaps you need to clean your browser cache or re-login to Crowdin), so you can keep your work.

In case your project is social, free, and non-profit, you can apply for an Open source license. Alternatively, if it’s not open source, but still non-profit, you still may receive a license with more limits for free, just share as many details as possible about it.

Hi Dima, thank you very much for your answer. No other questions for now.

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