You’ve about to reach the limit

Hello I have reached the string limit. but I didn’t know they existed.

Hi @DonRP

Open-source subscription type, right? :slight_smile: Just fixed everything, and now the limit message should disappear.

Although an open-source license is limitless in terms of content, in our internal system it still has some limits in order to bind the subscription with an account. For most users default limit is more than enough for comfortable work, so it’s not a common issue.

Next time you see this message, just drop me a message and I’ll increase it for you. You can leave a post here in the community or just message me directly :slight_smile:

Hey @Dima
I have the same problem now :smile:
I on a open source project subscription aswell and now it says you reached a limit of 5000 strings
thats my project Vintage Story Mods translations in Crowdin

I dont know how to msg you directly so I hope msgn here is ok

Thanks !!

Hey @NiclAss just click on my profile picture, in the pop-up profile preview will be a button


I did some magic tricks from my side, all should be fixed now :slight_smile:

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