YAML format not supporting the word 'Yes'

We are setting up a project to work directly with Crowin using Azure Repos. In the code we are using YAML files for the resource strings, including all the existing translations that we had before.

One thing that I noticed is that when syncing, the already translated word , Jah, Kyllä, Да etc. is replaced with the English word Yes.

If I look in the source files in Crowin, these resources do not even appear in the strings list so they can’t be translated at all.

I thought maybe this word is being interpreted as a YAML boolean value but even if I add quotes, it seems that Crowdin doesn’t seem to hande it.

Interesting thing. Can you share the sample of file? Have you used “import translation” option from integration settings?

If in overall file works fine, new suggestions arrive to your Azure, and the only thing that is converted/replaced is the “yes” - most likely, it’s just not supported. Or uploaded as a hidden key. Don’t know for sure. But keep in mind that Crowdin parses files due to common standards. It rebuilds them if they’re not, probably this “yes” is smth custom only you use?

I managed to resolve the issue by renaming the text to “Yes.” and then manually uploading the source file update, because just sync wasn’t enough.

Perhaps it’s a yaml limitation and having a dot makes string a sentence, not a stand alone word

In the YAML standard, true, false, and null should be keywords that need quotes, otherwise they are not parsed as a string type, this applies to numbers as well. Maybe the parser that Crowdin uses also applies the same for yes and no?

I’ve browsed through community and it seems this is the fist mention on such behavior, which means this is a rare case, or in overall .yaml files work well. If you consider this as an issue, you can raise a request for fix\support your yaml type and some from Crowdin team will review it. Also, you can check the samples Crowdin offers.