Xliff file upload failed

Regarding to my last topic, I have some backups with xliff translation, so I decided to upload them into my project in order to bring back the lost translation. I’ve uploaded both from project home and from language, and each time system tells me that the import was successful, although I can’t see any progress, can’t see any translations being added. What can be the reason?

The file is recognized, but content inside is not.

If this is the same file from the same project, so tags, segmentation of strings and so on are the same, then 2 reasons

  1. Target stage - each string has it’s own, change from need translation or untranslated into “translated”. Can be done massively in a notepad or visual studio code or another tool

  2. Language code of the header - change it to match yours in a project. Like if you project is locale based, after build and download you see de-DE. This should be a trigger to change xliff code from de inside to de-DE