WPML support for EN-ES and EN-PT-PT

Hi, I am trying to integrate WPML, but I receive this error for EN-ES and EN-PT-PT. How can I fixPreformatted text this?

“Dear Crowdin,
I wanted to let you know that you’re currently not supporting en to es,pt-pt which I am hoping to use on my website.
Could you update the configuration to ensure it works for me in the future?

BR; James

Hi @jgrant,

If there is no needed target language in the supported list, you are always welcome to create the custom language.

Also, you can set up your own custom codes for the existing languages. For example, in Crowdin, the default language code for the Spanish language is “es-ES”, for example. You are welcome to set custom language code (Project Settings → scroll down to the Export section → Language Mapping ) for this language so that the codes would be the same on both sides (“es” for Spanish). The same can be done with any language you have :slight_smile:

Great. That worked! Thank you.