Word (docx) files usage in Crowdin

So, I have few word (docx) files and all of them are patrialy or fully translated, but in different tools, with (maybe) different in-build formatters so when I upload 1 files as source and 2 file as translation almost nothing happened and not only few strings are translated. How can this be achieved? Maybe some custom segmentation or somethign like that…

Due to the nature of DOCX files, Crowdin can’t do a great map of source and target

I’d suggest using manual alignment to upload translations for non-key-value files like DOCX. Crowdin has the following app to do an alignment

The app would take your source file and translated file, combine them and create a some kind of translation memory in Excell.

This TM can then be edited and reviewed by human, and used to pre-translate your source file into the selected language (upload that TM, then Run the TM pre translate).