Why Chinese colons cannot be translated into English colons with the hovertip poping up?

The “:” in Chinese cannot be translated?

Hello @AdrianOni

Special symbols are not translatable for all languages. Can you provide me with the source file sample so I can upload it into my test project and test the behavior myself? It may be related to the file type.

Also, please clarify what is the source language and what is the target language (Chinese Simplified or Chinese Traditional)?

Hi Dima,

Thx for your support & Sry for the late reply.

This issue occurs when I try to translate a PowerPoint slice (.pptx) from Chinese Simplified to English.

However, I haven’t found any entry to upload attachment or send U a DM. The character is , I wonder if it’s possible for you to copy it directly to your test project?

Meanwhile I wonder whether there’s any workaround to make the editor not to recognize the Chinese colons as special symbols (maybe by parser config)?

Hello Adrian, I’ve messaged you directly in order to investigate this case. Please feel free to reply me in DM.