Where to find individual translators?

I see 10+ agencies working with crowdin, but is there something in “resources” like a database with freelancers-translators contacts? like, let’s say, i don’t need a high-end level of linguist service, i need just someone to jump string-by-string and review the machine translation suggestions. Maybe add come corrects and it’s all. Not regular-based, just from time time to time.

A month ago i needed this to be done with Japanese, so i googled for the translator and contact her just in twitter, which is not the best approach as i suppose. Probably there are some marketplaces like upwork?

Hello @Alessandro_1two

Yes, there should be pretty much specific marketplaces because each translator can work with multiple tools / systems. I also used to google in past but fortunately Crowdin has made an integration with ProZ, here you can install it.