Where are errors or reports shown?

Hi, I uploaded an Android XML as source, updated some Strings, added some translations, and added a target bundle exporter for Apple Strings Catalog .xcstrings. This worked fine last month. Yesterday I added a lot more strings and localized them, but now, for any target bundle exporter I try to download the files, the progress window opens and closes again after a few seconds, without any download starting.
I imagine there had been an error, but I get no feedback for that and didn’t find any hints at the activities tab or so.

Where would I have to navigate to, to see what occurred, if there are reports for that?

Hi there!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reproduce this on my side, each bundle was successfully exported and I can’t see any logs on the matter
Is there a chance to try another browser or clear cache and export bundle again?

Hi Tetiana,

you are correct, by using Chrome instead of Safari, the issue was gone. Guess I will have to drop Safari and use Chrome when localizing stuff. At least for now.

Thank you very much!