Where are "about me" descriptions of other users?

Before, “about me” descriptions were shown on users’ profile pages, including mine. Now I can’t find them…

Hi, could you please double-check the Account settings > About me section, maybe you need to update the information
Checked on my side and About me is placed under the profile name, see the screenshot below:

My page shows list of projects immediately below my photo and no descriptions “about me” appear even after updating it. I’m just a translator and using Windows10 and Chrome browser.

Hi @hnishy,

As far as I can see from our database, your description is successfully added to the “About me” section. Perhaps the reason here could be in the webpage scale. Could you please try to zoom out this page or open it in another browser?

Aha! Zooming out just one notch to 90% solved the problem. Thank you.