When i add my translation in aim to become alternative for existing one, mine replaces the existing one, why?!

Having proofread rights, i have noticed that when some other user translation exist and i add another one that is mine so others can evaluate which one to choose, SOMETIMES happen that the old one gets removed and i see only mine.
It not worked like this a few weeks ago. I do not know why this happens and it should not happen. How to fix this? Thank you

Perhaps you’re using auto approve mode, or add suggestions in side-by-side proofreader mode

It happens only with your account and doings, or other proofreaders also faced such behavior?

Thank you, but the replacement just happened ( /translate/protonvpn/80/en-cs#637836 ) and i have checked this and it is not ticked (auto-approve, auto-complete).

Maybe it’s because of proofreading mode, or translation by that user was made to another sting, or duplicate probably. Does this happen often? Are other users also experiencing it?

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You can check and confirm or not assumptions by 3 bullets button (nearby “comments” sections):
3 bulletstranslation history of the string

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