What qualifies as a "custom file format"?

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Anyone here who can answer what qualifies as a “custom file format” in Crowdin target file bundles? Is “adding more target files formats from the store” considered a custom format, or simply an integration from the store? We’d need to know this to decide for a suitable billing plan.


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I contacted Crowdin Support and got the answer I needed: a "custom file format " is a file format that the Crowdin dev team needs to set up for a client because it is not yet supported by Crowdin and the available integrations. This means, simply adding a file format from the store using one of the available integrations, does not qualify as a “custom file format”.

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You’re right. The store contains some application that recognises different formats. Like no the ones that are recognisable our of the box. Still, if it’s somethings extremely custom, you anyway will need developer to make system working with it.

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