What is the right process of downloading translations via APIv2 from my Crowdin project?

Hi there :slight_smile: Hope it is fine to post my question here, I’m a bit new to the APIv2 that Crowdin uses, so I just want to make sure that I’m on the right direction. The thing is that we’re using mostly the CLI for pushing/pulling the files&translations, but recently I just wanted to try out the API (heard that it is quite good), but I’ve noticed that CLI always builds the project before pulling the translations for any file, so therefore my question arose. Running through the documentation, I see that there are two API requests for pulling translations - Build the project and Export project translations, it’s a bit confusing since I’m not sure whether the logic behind exporting translations via API is the same as via CLI - should I always use the Build call first, and only then Export project translations? Or there is no difference? I mean it’s okay if it is required to use both requests, but I just hope that there is a chance to simplify everything and only use e.g. Export project translations :slight_smile: We use mostly json files, so I used to pull it for a specific languages only whenever needed via CLI, so hope everything above makes sense to you!


Hi, yeah it’s alright ) Well, of course I’m not like a full-time Crowdin expert, but there are actually 3 API methods to download translations :slight_smile: If you wish to download all project translations just like CLI it’s necessary to use Build Project Translations + Download project translations methods. But if you use Export project translations (it donwload the translations for specific file), there is no need to always build the project first, you can just export the translation and still would have all the same translations in it.

However, personally I think building the project is more convenient when you need to retrieve all the translations at once, but it is up to your workflow

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