What is crowdin's position on random invite to projects?

I just received a message (unsolicited) from someone inviting me to join their project -in which I am not interested.

The message seems to be of the automated kind, nothing personalised in it or anything, and it is asking for help on a language that is not listed as one of mine, nor one on which I ever worked upon (not knowing it and such).

Anyway, just wanted to know if this was something authorised, or if that counted as spam ?

As far as I know it’s not a common practice, still sometimes “aggressive” invite policy may take place :slight_smile:

I’ve never received such invites, but my colleague received 2 for the last 6 months. Just ignore or reject.

More that sure it was just a soulless template that was send to not only you. In some project managers dont consider any personalization and just send 1 template to each user.