What happens if translate a duplicate?

Just want to confirm that I don’t broke anything​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Always used duplicates to be “hide” + share translation from master string into all duplicates, but now for some internal reasons I need to change translations of few duplicates. I know exactly what stings is it, but just need to be sure that translating them “outside” of master string wouldn’t cause any further issue.

Hi, it would become translated :slight_smile:

You can freely translate duplicate, it wouldnt affect any another string (translation migrate only from master to duplicate, not vice verse).

But keep in mind that after receiving unique translation made by human (entered in editor) duplicate loses connection with master string, and in order to bring things back in time, you will need to update those few strings with changed IDs, so they would lost translations and can be considered as duplicates again.