What affectes TM suggestion priority?

Lets say I have 3 TM assigned to my project, all with level 1 priority (highest I suppose). If all of them has identical term tranaslated differently, from which one the translation will be taken? Also, if I delete this pre translate with activity, it will remove my suggestions form TM as well?

If there are several matches (the same match), then logic is next

  1. priority TM
  2. date of adding the TM suggestion

Additional status of a translation (approvals, votes) does not affect this prioritisation.

Only time, it affects the time of adding TM suggestion, which is used during priority calculation.

If you delete the translation in the editor, in case it’s the only sample, it will be deleted from the Translation memory as well.

If you let’s say upload some translation from another project, and use Undo in the activity, this will remove translation from editor, but not from TM.

Best way to delete them will be TM cleaner application if needed Discover the right solution to enhance Crowdin experience