Webflow translation upload

Hi again, have another question in my pocked.

I see Crowdin support Webflow integration, so I’m thinking about bringing my website into better localization processes.
What I’m interested in is:

  1. I have some translation alredy done. How can they be merged with Crowdin, or uploaded, or combined or so?

  2. How the process happens? How Crowdin detects languages? What should I “click” in Webflow to make things good?

For 1st, it depends. If translations are in the same file format, they may be uploaded as “upload translation” button (or xliff, should also work). If they’re in table, they can be uploaded as translation memory and then you can run the pre-translation to apply them.

For 2nd, Webflow will get all the content (stings for translation, sentence and so on) from the website in the source (base) language of website + you should create project in Crowdin with the same language as source. Once it’s done, all content would have been stored in “files” section and you can translate it.

Hello @YuryChugov hope you successfully set upped the Webflow integration.

In case of not, refer to this guidance, it has all needed details😉