Webflow Integration Query: website is not translated

I’m using Webflow integration to translate a website, I followed the instructions showed in this video, I inserted the code in the Head, translated a few strings to try it out, but when I go to the website, it doesn’t translate texts, although it has a language switcher. When I click on the second language, link changes but content remains in English.

What am I missing? Is there any button I should press in Crowdin to push the changes to Webflow?

Thank you!

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What’s your website? To add custom code, you need a paid Webflow site plan.Here should also be a step by step guide, you can follow it Webflow Website Localization – make your website multilingual

Probably the switcher is customised and placed in 2 posoions at the time, so one you press not works? Also, there is some delay between translation made in Crowdin are available in Webflow, how much have you waited?


Thank you for help! The problem was that I didn’t wait enough time for the data to be transferred to the Webflow site. Now everything works as expected.

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In my project I use content delivery, and I also have few times like a 30 hours translations transfer, just a few times, usually it’s about 1-2 hours. Glad to hear it’s fine for you now

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