Web interface / Translation progress

In my project I can see that one language is translated at 100% in the Dashboard screen:


When I browse into the language page I can see the numbers for the two files:


Here it says 90% for the first file. But non of the translation is missing. Can you explain this?

Hi @tbsprs

It’s about Ev*ntF*hr*l*n project, right? If so, I need to check a few assumptions in order to provide you with an explanation and solution

Will update you soon

Yes, that is the project.

Hi, @tbsprs!

The reason why you don’t see the 100% in the language tab is because the file has hidden strings that are not translated.

In the main dashboard, the hidden strings don’t count, so you see the progress bar on 100%.

To check the hidden strings you can use the editor or sourced tab:

Hi @tbsprs

I’ve refreshed the progress from our end, now it’s updated and accurate. I guess it was just a minor 1-time glitch with progress calculation, it shouldn’t happen again.

Awesome. Thanks for fixing!