Warning about a plan's limit for private projects for a public project?

My project has been deactivated I’m getting this notice in my settings:

You’ve reached your plan’s limit for private projects. To perform this action, upgrade your plan.

I think the project was initially private; I thought I’d made it public a while back. I can’t change it now. Are there still limits for public projects?

Here’s what the summary reports for my current account usage:

You have 0 private projects with a total of 0 hosted words.

Hi @rlskoeser , it’s interesting.

0 project with 0 words may mean that you’re a manager, right, not an owner? In what project you participate, is it open source or free plan?

From the glance, hard cleaning the browser cache may help. Perhaps some data got stuck. But it’s just an assumption, if you’re seeking for more clarified answer you’ll need to provide me with additional details as well :slight_smile:

You’re right, I am a manager and not an owner. Someone else set up the project, but he’s no longer on the team. Does that mean I am not able to see the stats?

The problem did clear up after I posted this, though! That seems like a strange caching error, but the project is loading properly now and the warning dissappeared.

I’m not sure if we’re using the free plan or open source; is that something I can check as a manager? The translations are for an open source project.

fwiw, this is the project Princeton Geniza Project translations in Crowdin

Hi, thanks for link, yes, manager can see only project stats like words translated and so on, everything subscription related is personal, and managed only user by user in Crowdin.

In Enterprise version there are some admins, and staff like that, so they can manage organization like owner, but in Crowdin one (1) account can be a manager in project 1, owner with own subscription on project 2, and translator in project 3.

The username that is written above your project name (top left corner of project’s ui) is owner + owner is shown in project description, only he/she can see exactly what the plan you’re using.

Is it possible to transfer ownership of a project?

Hi @Petros_Kastello

owner is shown in project description, only he/she can see exactly what the plan you’re using.

I also have some magic tricks in my pocket 🧙‍♂️

@rlskoeser you have a specific kind of open-source subscription for now. The easiest way would be to contact the current owner (maybe you have the email or phone number), so he/she would be able to log in to the system and change the account’s data into the one you would like the most.

If this user is unreachable, please contact me directly or provide me with your email so I can follow up with further instructions.

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Thanks — I’ve just reached out to this person to see about making changes. If I can’t resolve it that way, I will follow up with you! Thank you so much.

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@rlskoeser fingers crossed the owner would answer you

If not - you always know where to find me :wink:

Owner responded, but there’s no option to transfer ownership and his account is tied to social auth.

He was looking and found there is an academic license that we can request, which would be appropriate for this project. What are the downsides to requesting that and setting up a new project so that I can manage the ownership?

Hello @rlskoeser

Yes, there’s no button, but using one 1 can change for example email + password bound with account and privately share it with you, so as result you’ll have access to that account.

If you have let’s say 20-30 minutes, you can re-create the project under a new account.

You’ll need to download all sources + all translations to your PC, re-create the project, upload everything there back + invite all users. The only downside - the authority of translations would be lost (all of 'em would be considered as made by the user who did an upload).