Using a pot file as source

I’m migrating from Zanata.
I have a pot file that is generated by CMake using xgettext when the project is built.
I’ve uploaded this file to the project using:
crowdin file upload -i 668188 src/translations/translations.pot
I can see this file under sources for the project, and I can also see the master branch there.
I have also uploaded all the existing po files.
Under Integrations, I’ve connected GitHub, but I don’t see anywhere to select the translations.pot which is not part of the git repository.
How do I set this up?

Thank you for reaching out and detailing the steps you’ve taken so far.

To set up your .pot file with the GitHub integration, you’ll need to ensure that the file is part of your repository. Since the .pot file is not currently in your git repository, you would need to add it there first. Once it’s part of your repository, you can then select it under the Integrations settings in Crowdin.

If you encounter any issues after adding the .pot file to your repository and setting up the integration, please don’t hesitate to reach out with a screenshot of your repository showing the .pot file and the path, as well as specifying any translations that are not syncing as expected.

More info can be found here:
GitHub Integration (File-based) | Crowdin Documentation (Basic recomendations)
VCS Integrations: Configuring Online | Crowdin Documentation (More advanced options)
Configuration File | Crowdin Developer Portal (In case you’re using not UI but crowdin.yml to manage the integration)