Username Squatting

Hey, I was wondering if Crowdin has some kind of username squatting policy like GitHub did.

Because when I starded using Crowdin my desired username was already used by someone else, which was no problem, I just choose a random one. But I will be joining a few more projects in the next time, that will switch to Crowdin and it would be really cool if I could have my real name as username and not a random one. :sweat_smile:

By the way the username I want is “maxi” which is currently blocked by a user who has not done anything, except for registering in 2012. No activity nor anything else.

Here’s a link to his profile: maxi (maxi) – Crowdin

I hope maybe someone knows where I could request a namechange like that or if a Staff sees this maybe you could help me.
If it’s against the rules, to change a user’s username without their permisson, then just close this post. Thank you very much in advance for all the help and have a great week! :smiley:

Sorry to hear that your usual username is taken by someone else. I share your pain, although my username is not so popular, I’ve met cases like this myself :cry:

Current user maxi may have private projects which you can’t see. There is a very small chance that he/she will reply, anyway I hope you will hear from them.

GitHub’s policy seems to be very similar to ours:

Username takes part in URL generation, so unfortunately it’s not possible to use the same username twice in Crowdin (e.g. how can we send mentions if @maxi is mentioned in some project?).

You can still use GitHub OAuth to connect your GitHub account with Crowdin and probably you can mention your Crowdin username in GitHub’s profile bio :thinking:

True, I just wanted to check if it maybe was possible, since it is pretty neat to have your own name as your username. Maybe some staff would actually move over the name, but like I said if it’s not possible that’s also okay and I can completely understand it.

I wish we could help here more, but the best way would be for you to contact this user directly and ask to change the account name. I hope you will hear the answer soon! :slight_smile: