Use variables in TM for pretranslation

Is it possible to use variables in TM so that the pre-translation using TM will do the translation (100% match) without those variables.
For example:
In TM:
English, German
keyboard 1, Tastatur 1

Pre-translation for string in English:
keyboard 2
should then be in German:
Tastatur 2

I need above mostly for integer number variables (sometimes product codes).
Currently the 100% match on pre-translation does not consider this is same strings (which is correct).

I would like to write something like this into TM:
English, German
keyboard %i, Tastatur %i
which would make pre-translation for above example correct by translating “keyboard” and copying integer number (like %i sign for integer).
Is this possible?

Hi, TM auto substitution should definitely work for this

Have you tried it?

+1 Auto substitution should help

Thanks for pointing me to “auto-substitution”.
I have checked it and it is turned ON.
After checking more carefully the translations I see that pre-translation is translating correctly cases where one integer number is separately written (with space in front and at back of number) .
This means that auto-substitution solves my primary example.
But I have cases where such auto-substitution does not work and for those cases I would like a feature like variables in TM. Some cases where auto-substitution does not work:
“text1 CODE text2”
“text1 CODE text2 INTEGER1 text3 INTEGER2text4”
In above examples CODE is made out of alphanumeric characters. Spaces and - are placed as in text. INTEGER2text4 and INTEGER1text2 is above deliberatelly written without space.
It seems auto-substitution works only for INTEGERS which have space in front and at the back (and only where all other text is the same-probably something to do with very high % match) ?
Is there another way to automatically pre-translate such examples as above?

@johntunnel must say, unusual case :slight_smile:

Never used variables without spaces, can’t say exactly how it should work with it. I’ll have some free time today-tomorrow, guess I’ll be able to do a few tests on the matter. Very interesting how it would work :slight_smile:

Hi @johntunnel
I’ve played a little bit and seems you’re right, there should be spaces. I guess it’s related to the general rules, in case number is inside text, it’s considered as a part of it, and that’s why it’s not considered as a variable. Like some name “studio221332312312” or something like that.

XLIFF has so many tags. I bet there is one also for variables, on which place the text in original language is copied into translated text by translation software. Similarly as all the html tags are automatically recognized and copied by Crowdin.

An example for CODE is A!B2C3V4Z4342. Google translate recognizes this as code and does not try to translate it (mostly because it is using capital letters) but instead only copies it to the translated string. Crowdin does not recognize this as a code and sometimes offers also wrong translation for this CODE. I am mentioning this CODE again here, because there may be other solutions to this problem, not only a variable in TM.

I guess it would be reasonable for you to describe this as a feature request you would like to add into Crowdin (top right corner, there’s a button submit a request). Personally I would definitely vote for this idea being implemented.

Thanks for suggestion.