Upload translations from my repository

I need to connect my Gitlab repo to the project. I know it’s better to add translations directly to the Crowdin project, but I already have some translations on the repository as well

So my questions are:

  1. Is it possible to upload the translations from the repository to the project using integration?
  2. Or should I manually add the translations in Crowdin?
  3. I have also some translations in Crowdin project? Can I keep them? Or they will be removed after integration set up?

hi there :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. specify the path to the folder with translations in integration settings - translations from your repository will be uploaded to the project then

translation path

  1. the old translations will be saved in the project as well. there will be just a few translations for one string after you upload the translations from your repo

and it’s better to add all next translations in Crowdin project, so they will be uploaded to the repository

as far as I know, the transaltions are imported from the repository to Crowdin project only during the integration setup (the first synchronization)

yes, you are right here!
but you can always add them manually via integration: just click “upload translations” button in the integration settings

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