Updating Translations on Webflow

Hi there,

I am using the crowdin webflow intergration to translate my website into 2 different languages
I imported my website into crowdin with the tool, did the translation and published it via the webflow integration tool
My issue is now following, I updated a few fields on my website and I want to update them in crowdin too
I added some new strings in the translation tool but I don’t know how to make my changes effective on the website, because I can’t use the webflow integration tool to publish again, I need to import first. If I re-import my website via the tool I loose all the translations I did before

Is there a way to make my changes effective without using the webflow integration tool again ?

Thanks for helping :smiley:

Hi @hugobls ,

To do this, you can use the “Sync” feature in the Webflow integration tool. This feature allows you to update your project in Crowdin with the new strings from your website without overwriting the existing translations.

Translations are not lost, in extreme cases all translations are always saved in the Translation Memory and you can start Pre-Translation via TM.

But the re-synchronization of Webflow should not affect the imported file in the project, only add new content if there is any

After syncing, you can then translate the new strings and publish your project again. This should update your website with both the new and previously translated strings.

Hi @Roman
Thank your for your answer
I enabled the auto import & publish everything should work well now !

Hi @hugobls ,

Oh, really! For Webflow integration, there are Daily (auto import once a day) and Daily (auto publish once a day) options, I forgot about them :see_no_evil::smile: But I knew for sure that if you import and publish manually, the content will be updated and translations will definitely not be lost in the project

Wish you only enjoyment from Crowdin and a wonderful weekend!:sunglasses: