Updating source language files from github repository

I’ve been reading the docs but I’m not clear on the workflow for CRUD operations on source string files with a github integration.

Can we update the source language files (CRUD) in our locales folders in the github repository on a branch, and then have CrowdIn sync the updated source files from the repo and “invalidate” the affected translated strings by marking them as needing review/translation again for that branch?

Example 1
We are adding a new feature to the site. We’ll be making feature branches and creating new strings for this feature. Can we commit+push these strings to the source language files in our repository branch and have them added to CrowdIn for translation into other languages, which would then be synced with the repository as a PR into that feature branch? Would the PR made by CrowdIn be targeting the branch which the strings were created in or would we have to do that ourselves?

Example 2
We are working on a branch and need to change the wording of some existing strings. We update the source strings in the repo and push. CrowdIn syncs and updates the source strings and marks the affected strings as needing translation. When CrowdIn makes a PR, does it target that branch?


  • Is there a better/different recommended workflow for this as far as a branching strategy goes to work with strings/translations on different branches?
  • If CrowdIn cannot target specific branches for the PRs, is there a way for CrowdIn to name the PR based on the origin branch name so that we can easily target it?
  • How does this work when these PRs are merged into the main branch?

Hi @steven.sacks ! So you’d like to add a feature branch to Crowdin with new updated source files, right?

Once you add that, in Crowdin you’ll see a new branch created with the same name as your feature branch has and PR on the GitHUb’s side will be created for the same branch. If you would like to merge that feature branch to master, you should do that manually in the GitHub side

As well, in this case, please make sure that the duplicate option is set to Show – translators will translate each instance (string) separately in the Project Settings > Import:

If we’ve misunderstood something, feel free to correct us