Unwanted files in merge request to Gitlab repository

Hi, its me again. I have a question: I have a merge request from CrowdIn to Gitlab, which contains some files/changes I would not like to include in the MR at this stage. I was able to have some changes (not entire translations) removed from it by changing the respective strings in CrowdIn, but what remained was articles that were newly and fully translated (but aren’t supposed to be merged yet). I even tried removing the approval of one string in each unwanted article to have them excluded by the “Export only fully translated and approved files” function, but it didn’t work.

I then tried to close the existing merge request and trigger a new one via CrowdIn, which should then only contain the single file I want to merge, as all other ones that were previously included should be able to not pass through the export filter. However, when I restarted the sync, the MR still contained the same changes as before.

Is there another way to correct the files to be merged after an MR has been sent? Thanks in advance!

Hi @mneustadt have you deleted the service branch after you closed the PR from Crowdin?

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Hi Ira, no I haven’t deleted the service branch.

@Ira thank you, that actually solved it. So it is possible to just undo approval of one string in CrowdIn in order to exclude the unwanted file or files from the merge batch, repeat until only the files you want included will pass through the export filter and then set up the service branch anew.