Unknown error during project build

Hi, I’m experiencing an unknown error during the project build. Never seen it before. I’ve built the project yesterday, all worked fine, today I translated about 50-60 stings, tried to build but an error occurred. What can be the reason guys?

Hello, I had same situation in the past, support manager adviced me to check my tags inside translations, because in some format, if you use wrong tag you may break a file a little bit. Can you browse your translation for this?


Agreed, had same staff with Docx files
Just use the Copy and paste button, so all the tags are copied to the translations field

Next time just click on tag, it would automatically be added to translation
Or copy & paste as @KateOlsen says

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Thx all gues, found 4 broken tags, replace them and build run just magically :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: