Unity Pull Doesn't Work

Hello, I have an issue with the Unity integration. Everything works fine but Pull string translations from Crowdin which doesn’t seem to be working properly. For example I made changes to a translation on Crowdin’s site and tried to pull but nothing changed. Any idea why that might be happening?

1.Do you receive any error messages? In case so, please provide some screenshots, it will help with the investigation (with the changed string and how it looks after you click on Pull string translations from Crowdin)
2.Does this happen to any specific files, or to all of them?
3.Describe the steps taken, so we can try to reproduce


  1. These are the only errors and warnings I get. I don’t think those are the cause of my issue, especially the warnings as they refer to “hr” which is Croatian and the language I am testing the pull on is Greek.

  1. All of my files.

  2. I followed the exact steps on the guide on how to integrate Unity with Crowdin.

I pushed my strings.
I pushed my string translations that I already had on Unity.
Then I went to Crowdin and changed one translation. I even approved it.
After that I pulled the string translations on unity but my localization tables were unchanged.

We will check everything with our tech team and will back to you with solution.

going to follow this
we are experiencing an issue similar to this where crowdin says “everything downloaded as it should” but nothing changes

this is in the latest update of the crowdin plugin for unity from january 2024

Hi there!

Currently in order to avoid this issue we recommend using 0.4.2 Unity plugin version. Could you please give it a try and let us know about the result?

Additionally we are working on the fix for the 0.5.0 version

Hi, using 0.4.2 works! Apparently a bug! Thanks for the help.

Hi @JacobFunday @ScreenCrowStudios,

We’ve just released a new version of the Crowdin Unity plugin - 0.5.1 which includes the fix for string translations download.

Please try the update, thanks!