Unity integration doesn't work

I’ve added the Crowdin-Unity integration plugin to my Unity project, but it simply doesn’t work. When I try to push either strings or translations out to Crowdin, Crowdin only receives empty files. Likewise, when I try to pull translations from Crowdin to my project, the console says that the API downloaded strings from a specified table, but no actual data seems to be fetched and updated as everything stays the same as before.

In all cases editor’s console prints hundreds of errors with following content:

Error loading the file 'VirtualArtifacts/Primary/4faa2359d909194448519ab0cdf22f83'. File is either empty or corrupted, please verify the file contents.

Each error has the same message, except for the last segment of path after “VirtualArtifacts/Primary/”.

Unity editor version: 2023.2.3f1
Crowdin plugin version: 0.4.1
Localization package version: 1.4.5

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Hello there,

Can you please tell us the following details, so we can investigate:

  1. Can you share the screenshot of the error you received?
  2. Does this happen to any specific files, or to all of them?
  3. Describe your steps taken, so we can try to reproduce

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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It happens to everything I’m trying to do, regardless if I choose All tables or only some of Selected tables.

For the most basic example: I open Tools — Crowdin — Push strings to Crowdin, select just one table, press the “Push strings to Crowdin” button. It tells me that everything was alright and “All source strings uploaded to Crowdin”. During this process, the Unity console displays the abovementioned errors. Then, when I open my project on Crowdin it contains no strings at all, although the Table Collection that I’ve selected does have plenty of string keys in it.

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Hi @tiritto ,

Thanks a lot for the details provided!

It looks like the localization table has been uploaded to Crowdin, but it doesn’t contain any strings.
Could you please provide us the details about your Crowdin project source language and full list of locales in your Unity localization table?

Thank you!

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After seeing your message, I’ve realized what is the issue. Our source language on Crowdin was set as English, but in our Unity project English was set as en_US, rather than just en. After making sure that all language codes columns match correctly, everything works as expected.

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Hi @tiritto

Happy to hear it works, good job : )

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