Unexpected Markdown Frontmatter Resolution

Recently, we found some unexpected output was generated due to markdown frontmatter resolution.

What happens:

The frontmatter --- will be automatically translated to - - - by crowdin. This will result in unexpected markdown article format. And we currently do not figure out a way to fix it in Crowdin itself.

Original article: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Conflux-Chain/conflux-documentation/main/docs/general/hardforks/v2.0.md
Translated article: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Conflux-Chain/conflux-documentation/main/i18n/zh/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current/general/hardforks/v2.0.md

We would like to get either solution:

  1. How to manually correct it in Crowdin?
  2. We currently only allow for Crowdin → Github single way sync. If we manually correct the unexpected i18n output in the source code, will there be side effects?

Thank you

Hi @darwintree,

This issue with formatting was fixed in the latest version of .md files. To update your files to the latest version it would be be needed to re-upload the files to the project.

You can easily migrate all the translations from the old file to the newly uploaded one with preserving translation +approvals + authority in this way:

  • rename the current branch where the source file is by adding suffix to it for example (branchname_old)
  • upload the the branch to the project again (so now you will have both of them)
  • since the option for duplicates is enabled in the project, all translations will migrate from one branch to the newly uploaded. Wait a bit for the migration and then you may delete the old branch if all is well

Thank you for responding. Followed your suggestion and found that the frontmatter is fixed

However, I found that only partial of the original translation is migrated although the old file is not removed. What do I need to do for the content migration?

Hi @darwintree,

We will check everything from our side and get back to you with updates. Hope for your patience

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Hi @darwintree ,

Apologies for the delay in response, returning to you with updates. The reason that not all translations are migrated from the old md35 version file to the new md36 version file is that in the new version the strings are now parsed differently. In the new version of the file, both titles and links can be translated, while in the previous version it was not translatable and recognized as a tag

For example, you can look at the same string in different versions of the file and notice the difference. Example string in md35 and example string in md36

The only option would be to manually migrate the translations for such strings. As far as I can see, you have already successfully translated such strings in new version of the file :slightly_smiling_face:

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