Unable to upload source files

When I click on upload icon to upload source files to my Crowdin project, it throws an error saying

“Crowdin: Git model not found”


From my side, I see that you have 2 projects, and I assume you’re working with Atr*** now.

There are some error logs related to a translation file path, you can check it via Project Tools → API → API logs.

The log can be expanded to see the detailed system response. As for the most recent one, there’s a need to change the language code because your project’s target language French has Fr, not Pa

As for exactly “Git model not found”, most likely this message is shown when Visual Studio Code can’t detect installed GIT. In case you’re using the Crowdin VS Code plugin, please double-check whether GIT is accessible and “visible” for VS Code.

More info can be found here → Visual Studio Code + Crowdin | Translate & localize content