Unable to get source files using gitlab integration with target file bundles mode

Hello guys,
I’m having problem configuring my connection to gitlab repository with gitlab integration.
It seems configured right, connected, synced in target file bundles mode but still in “Sources” menù I can’t see any source file:

What do you suggest should I check?

Thank you

Hello @lomiz

If the integration works in bundle mode, it only transfers files from Crowdin to GitLab.

In this mode, integration pushes translation files and doesn’t sync sources from your repo. The source files need to be uploaded in some other way.

As an option, another integration, but ordinary. For example, to configure CLI or API.

Hope this helps!

Hello Dima,
I tried to configure the integration in bundle mode because I need to export the translation files in GNUGetText PO files.
If I want to Crowdin to push translation PO files in Gitlab standard mode, should I also provide a PO file as source or I can’t with that integration?

Thank you

Hi @lomiz yes, then the sources should also be in the same file format
In case your source files are in a different format, you may use CLI to download bundles (have one source format and export translations using cli: crowdin bundle | Crowdin CLI