Unable to filter out strings translated by me

Hello, in proofreading Crowdin

I am unable to get rid of strings which contains my translation despite i set “not_translated_by_user=MYUSERNAME” in Advanced filter. I think that it happen when there is not just mine but also other user translation.

That is wrong, my aim is to hide strings where are my translations no matter if there is translation of any other user too. Just want to display unapproved strings where are translations of others.

How to do it and if can not then please fix this. Thank You

Hello @slrslr

This is the way the filter works, if you added a suggestion 2 years ago, and another user added a suggestion 1 year ago, the string will anyway be shown in both “translated by me” and “not translated by me”.

We’re thinking about possible improvements on the matter, but I can’t say when something will be changed.