Translations upload (.docx file)

I have the source file in .docx format in my project
And translator sent me the fully translated file in the same .docx format

I have uploaded it to the project, and I can see only 61% of translation progress
How can I get 100% of translation progress in my project? Should I add the translations manually now?

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The key-value structure is missed in .docx format, so sometimes the system cannot match the translations correctly

The translated file in .docx format should have the same structure as the source file (e.g. paragraphs in both files)

It’s better to translate files locally in XLIFF format

  1. you can download each file from your Crowdin project in the Translations tab in XLIFF format
  2. translate it locally
  3. change the target state from “needs-translation” to “translated” locally as well
  4. upload it back to the project